Don't worry if I write rhymes - I write cheques”

— Sean Combs


Sandile Skosana (born October 12, 1991) also known by his stage name King Sunz is a South African rapper, record producer, filmmaker, fashion designer, author and entrepreneur. Sandile Skosana was born in Meadowlands and grew up in Evander and Embalenhle in Mpumalanga Province. He is the founder of One Cypher Music [PTY (Ltd)] since 2012. He signed himself as an artist of his own label and built his own studio. He released his demo, titled, 'My DemoCrazy' in 2011 online and was followed by successful release of his second demo, titled ' The Second Coming Of Genius' in 2012 online to great reception from fans and the hip hop community. 

Skosana has non-music business ventures.