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Sandile Skosana was born in Meadowlands in Soweto, Gauteng Province and brought up in Evander and Embalenhle in Mpumalanga Province in South Africa. His mother Ntombizodwa Beatrice Skosana is qualified in communications and his father, Musi Colen Skosana is a radiographer by profession. 

Skosana graduated from Evander High school in 2009, after completing primary school at Highveld Ridge Primary School in 2004. He played soccer, he did athletics and won close to 30 medals for 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1200m, relay, high jump and long jump. He also played hockey and his team won the league in 2004 and also Provincial champions in 2004. In primary school Skosana was awarded leadership positions and certificates for academics and sports. In the tenth grade he received a 'Chris Smit Floating Trophy for Best Achievement as a certificate of merit of business studies' in 2008 and has been awarded more than 6 badges for Top academic achievement in high school. 

After dropping out of Central Johannesburg College in 2012, where he majored in Information Communication And Technology (networking), Skosana returned to the same institution in 2016 and graduated with + 90% average. In 2013 King Sunz also studied fashion design. 

Music Career 

2011: 'My DemoCrazy' 

In 2011, King Sunz, executively produced 15 songs and released his first demo. King Sunz is featured on all the songs and composed/produced 13 of the songs, the remaining 2 produced by Domian P and G3E. King Sunz financed the recordings and graphic designed the album cover art and promotional material. The album/mixtape featured local acts from Mpumalanga and Soweto and was released in mid-June 2011 on online platforms and was licensed. The mixtapes 1st single 'Mosquito Bite Titties', was black and white video which was the first music video ever made by King Sunz. The mixtape has since earned hundreds of plays and streams on the internet. The album was well received but criticized for vulgar use of lyrics used. 

2012: 'The Second Coming of Genius' and One Cypher Music [PTY (Ltd)] 

In January 2012, 6 months after his first project, Skosana, released 'The Second Coming of Genius', this was the second mixtape and a very similar to the first. The sound was hip hop with elements of kwaito lyrics and samples of international soul music and samples of South African afro pop and rock music. The album was also executively produced by King Sunz and the albums entire 16 tracks where produced by King Sunz. The album was released on www.reverbnation.com and www.soundcloud.com and marketing was done on social media website www.facebook.com. The album was recorded in Braamfontein, Johannesburg and Embalenhle by G3E. The mixtape received a wider reception from the media and earned hundreds of streams on the internet. The album featured local acts and was very popular for the freestyle interludes and instrumental breaks of the production. 

In late November 2012, Skosana founded One Cypher Music, at the time he was the only artist of the label and was positioned as Chairman and CEO with full control of equity for his label. The label had a magnitude of stocks and capital investments. At the time One Cypher Music owned close to 2300 songs written by King Sunz, the label also owns hundreds of instrumentals produced by Skosana. King Sunz did the entire business planning, marketing, financials and proposals of the label. King Sunz outsources activities like composing, sound engineering, recording, graphic design, marketing and photography. One Cypher Music [PTY (Ltd)] owns its own full production studios for music recording, performing, music video recording and music documentary recording. One Cypher Music [PTY (Ltd)] songs for the two albums were licensed in 2012. The label is looking to sign more acts and producers, and creating more projects of music and entertainment, going forward. 



My DemoCrazy (2011) 
The Second Coming of Genius (2012) 
Nettleton Road (2018)